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Natures own Non-Aggressive Highly Efficient Pollinator

Orchard Mason Bees are very effective pollinators for early flowering fruit trees, nut trees as well as other flowering plants and shrubs, such as blueberries. They are one of the first bees to come out of hibernation and are active during this flowering period when critical pollination is required. About ten Mason Bees per fruit tree are adequate due to their highly efficient pollination. 

If you have fruit trees and/or orchards you'll love the Orchard Mason Bee. It's all the Buzz is a family owned business and is happy to provide personal care and information. As a family-owned company, we look to make a personal connection with all of our customers.

With Orchard Mason Bees not only do you get the best pollination, but families can also come together and enjoy memorable activities and events without the risk of being stung. 

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Orchard Mason Bees

Native bees like the Blue Orchard Mason Bee are better and more efficient pollinators of spring crops than the commonly known Honey Bee. There are over 130 species of Mason Bees in North America. They are known for pollinating fruit trees, such as cherries, apples, plums, pears, almonds, blueberries, and peaches. The Blue Orchard Mason Bee or Osmia lignaria, is prized for its efficiency in pollinating fruit trees and is one of the few native pollinators that is managed in agriculture and is non-aggressive.

Which is a better pollinator, Honey Bees or Orchard Mason Bees?

Estimates vary, but it is a proven fact that Orchard Mason Bees are many times more efficient at pollinating early flowering trees and shrubs.

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Between the Honey Bees and Mason Bees species, which are non-aggressive?

If you guessed Orchard Mason Bees then you are correct. That’s the reason they are called Nature’s Friendly Pollinator.

Which bee is native to North America?

Mason Bees of course. Honey bees were brought to North America from Europe.


Which bee is easier to care for the Honey Bee or the Mason Bee?

It’s the Orchard Mason Bee.

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If you would like to increase your fruit harvest then give me a call or send me an email so we can talk Mason Bees


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